Pilgrim Teen Bestie Chatter

Degory: Hey, beotch, you goin’ to Evensong?

Susanna: Said I was too tired. Mother thinks it’s scurvy. LOL

Degory: You suck.

Susanna: Haha.

Degory: I’ll have to sit between Oceanus and Resolved now. Ugh! Fart sandwich.

Susanna: Now you don’t like him? Thought you said his codpiece gave you more wood than the scrap yard at the shingle smithy.

Degory: Whatever. He’s stupid.

Susanna: Ha, ha. He stood you up again?

Degory: You suck. I wish I’d never told you.

Susanna: Whatevs. You know my secrets. LOL #ThrustingBear

Degory: True.  How those loin cloth crickets treating you today?

Susanna: Fine.  He gave me some bear grease to put on it.

Degory: You nasty.

Susanna: Ha, ha! I’m kidding.


Susanna: Hey, you still up?

Degory: I shouldn’t talk to you. Folks said prayers for your recovery tonight. You’re evil incarnate.

Susanna: You trip over Oceanus’ codpiece, break your funny bone?

Degory: LOL

Susanna: What are you wearing tomorrow? Thrusting Bear says they’re bringing corn and turkey, so we all know what our shyte will look like this week.

Degory: The gift that keeps on giving.

Susanna: Well? What are you wearing?

Degory: Maybe black with black and a little black hat?

Susanna: Yawn. I told Mother I wished I had a calico apron and she boxed my ears, called me a Rotterdam whore. Whatever that means. LOL

Degory: I asked the buckle smith if he could carve a vine on my boot hasp and he said he’d give me an Edward the second.

Susanna: Day-um.  Ha, ha. Well, stay warm.  See ya tomorrow. Winky face.

4 thoughts on “Pilgrim Teen Bestie Chatter

    1. Might be ‘Punchyish’. You’d be the better judge of that. The painting is called “The Pilgrims Going to Church” by George H. Boughton. After I photo-edited, the soft edges made me think of Instagram, which then informed the dialogue. Glad you liked it.

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