From my alter ego a couple of years ago, a story I still like a lot.

Cindy Smoot

When I was thirteen, someone new came into our lives, upsetting the apple cart but leaving behind a few genuinely sweet memories.  Wayne Sowers was tall and paunchy and wore so much Old Spice it was like the whole cast of T.J. Hooker had come over to watch women’s volley ball.  Mamma met him at the bowling alley where he was a manager.

One Friday night she dropped me and some cousins off there to entertain ourselves while she went to get her drink on with my aunt Sheila.  This didn’t happen too much, but when it did we just rolled with it.  Of course, two hours in we were already starting to draw some notice from the management.  In my family, returning to wolf pack state is a short trip, so when cousin Dawn proposed a seek and destroy of this drama club girl who’d said ‘nice banana clip’…

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