Pilgrim Teen Bestie Chatter

Degory: Hey, beotch, you goin’ to Evensong?

Susanna: Said I was too tired. Mother thinks it’s scurvy. LOL

Degory: You suck.

Susanna: Haha.

Degory: I’ll have to sit between Oceanus and Resolved now. Ugh! Fart sandwich.

Susanna: Now you don’t like him? Thought you said his codpiece gave you more wood than the scrap yard at the shingle smithy.

Degory: Whatever. He’s stupid.

Susanna: Ha, ha. He stood you up again?

Degory: You suck. I wish I’d never told you.

Susanna: Whatevs. You know my secrets. LOL #ThrustingBear

Degory: True.  How those loin cloth crickets treating you today?

Susanna: Fine.  He gave me some bear grease to put on it.

Degory: You nasty.

Susanna: Ha, ha! I’m kidding.


Susanna: Hey, you still up?

Degory: I shouldn’t talk to you. Folks said prayers for your recovery tonight. You’re evil incarnate.

Susanna: You trip over Oceanus’ codpiece, break your funny bone?

Degory: LOL

Susanna: What are you wearing tomorrow? Thrusting Bear says they’re bringing corn and turkey, so we all know what our shyte will look like this week.

Degory: The gift that keeps on giving.

Susanna: Well? What are you wearing?

Degory: Maybe black with black and a little black hat?

Susanna: Yawn. I told Mother I wished I had a calico apron and she boxed my ears, called me a Rotterdam whore. Whatever that means. LOL

Degory: I asked the buckle smith if he could carve a vine on my boot hasp and he said he’d give me an Edward the second.

Susanna: Day-um.  Ha, ha. Well, stay warm.  See ya tomorrow. Winky face.